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I did this about 10 years ago for a very nice family in Chesterfield. It  was a basement remodel not a finish. The basement was finished already when I arrived It just need to be updated, I also renovated the home gym. I didn’t do much in there it was pretty much existing too but it needed flooring and mirrors and I think I painted it as well. In the common areas of the basement we did laminate, I found this particular flavor at Costco. It was a pretty good price for a 8 mil. laminate with the foam backer attached. I think it was about $1.83 a sq. ft. and it was fairly durable, they had 2 boys and this was an added benefit I also think it looks pretty good.  I then did the built in entertainment unit above the fireplace, with recessed niches/shadow boxes, and the TV was also recessed into the wall. Then I installed the bar. Basically it’s a wall with cabinets attached and a granite bar top above the counter height top. I added some matching panels to the exterior of the wall to give it a finished cabinetry look. I recessed the microwave into the wall behind the bar and if you look you might notice I installed a door that leads to a secret clubhouse under the stairs  for their youngest. He loved it. I also painted the whole basement.I put the Sub-Woofer for the surround sound in the wall behind the couch where a closet currently is. this kept it out of the way. Of course now they come wireless.

That’s all I can remember about this job. It was 10 years ago and I’ve only been back a couple of times since. Maybe next time I’ll take more pictures I do plan to contact Mr. Cantor soon to ask how my work has held up thru the last decade. I will post the response along with recent pictures when I do.


Project Type Basement remodel
Client Chesterfield
Completion Date April 2008
Project Size 1450 Square Feet
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